Web-Based Practice Management System

In conjunction with its partners, The Practice Advisory Group brings you OnlineMedSys.com, its next generation web-based practice management system.  OnlineMedSys.com delivers powerful new technology solutions for the business of providing healthcare.  Designed, built and thoroughly tested in partnership with a network of oral and maxillofacial surgeons, other medical providers, and practice staff, it is now being used to successfully run and manage their practices on a daily basis.

In conjunction with OnlineMedSys.com, you do the following:

  • You link directly to the Internet
  • OnlineMedSys.com manages and hosts the software
  • OnlineMedSys.com provides robust security and world-wide accessibility; and
  • You manage your practice, with guidance and assistance from The Practice Advisory Group, simply through a web page.

The OnlineMedSys.com system provides many features that translate into increased productivity and enhanced patient care.  The application modules are tightly integrated (according to The Practice Advisory Group Business Template) to minimize the need for duplicate entry, to streamline and speed the workflow process, and to give comprehensive reports about patients and practice activity.

Financial and related data flows seamlessly from the applications into a General Ledger for access by authorized personnel and outside accountants and financial advisors.  Overall, the suite of applications helps practice entities efficiently manage their practices to facilitate improved patient services and increased revenues.

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